Within its broad focus on mental health, the Foundation encourages innovative and practical grant proposals in areas which:

increase the accessibility of mental health services to people and communities with limited financial means and opportunities;

offer preventive and early-intervention strategies;

advocate for systemic change with local or national impact.

Grant Types

The van Ameringen Foundation provides general support and project specific grants in two overall categories:

  • Direct Service Grants

The Foundation funds programs and projects that provide a direct service, such as case management, assessment, counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric care, training, or jobs, housing, and other supports to people and communities confronting significant mental illness.

  • Non-Direct Service Grants

Advocacy: The Foundation funds strategies that seek to create changes in the law, public policy, or in the perceptions and practices of the public and private sectors responsible for improving mental healthcare, particularly in unserved or underserved communities.

Media/Dissemination: The Foundation funds efforts which seek to share research findings, best practices, and knowledge related to improving the mental health safety net and system. This may be in the form of a publication, training, or media project using traditional or new forms of communication.

Training: The Foundation funds activities that provide learning and skill-building opportunities for mental health providers, advocates, people living with mental illness, policymakers, and family or community members who are seeking to deepen their understanding, knowledge, treatment, or social change efforts.

Grant Duration and Size

  • Direct Service Grants

Duration: Up to three years
Size: Between $25,000 – $75,000 annually

  • Non-Direct Service Grants

Duration: Up to three years
Advocacy Grant Size: Up to $250,000 annually
Media/Dissemination & Training Grant Size: Between $25,000 – $75,000 annually


The van Ameringen Foundation provides grants in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia, as well as advocacy support at the national level.

Before requesting further support, grantees are asked to wait at least one year after submitting a final report.

To apply for a grant, you must take a short eligibility quiz. If you qualify to apply, you will need to register on our application portal and begin the grants application process by submitting a letter of inquiry.

What We Do Not Fund

The Foundation is not active in programs for intellectual disability or physical disability. Grants are not made for endowments, capital projects, annual fund-raising drives, or in support of international activities and institutions. No grants in direct support of individuals are made by the Foundation under any circumstances.