Within its broad focus on mental health, the Foundation is interested in encouraging and attracting innovative and practical programs in areas which:

1. increase the accessibility of the poor and needy to mental-health services;

2. offer preventive and early-intervention strategies;

3. advocate for systemic change with local or national impact.

The Foundation is not active in programs for intellectual disability or physical disability. Grants are not made for endowments, capital projects, annual fund-raising drives, or in support of international activities and institutions. No grants in direct support of individuals are made by the Foundation under any circumstances.

The application process has two steps:

1. You must first submit a letter of inquiry

2. Following a review by Foundation staff, submission of an invitation-only proposal

Note: Deadlines for letters of inquiry:

For the Spring 2018 meeting, December 19, 2017
Proposals will be requested January 17, 2018

Note: Deadlines for invited proposals:

For the Spring 2018 meeting, February 17, 2018

Letters of inquiry and proposals received after a deadline will not be considered for the upcoming meeting.

The Foundation generally awards up to two-year grants in the range of $25,000 to $50,000 in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia. The Foundation has in the past and may continue to increase the amount of a grant based on timely or successful efforts. Before requesting further support, grantees are asked to wait at least one year after submitting the final report.